1) Maria, worker, Justice At Work client, and member of the Global Injured Worker Committee:

“For us, the injured, the meetings we have are very valuable. They help a lot to get out of the depression we have. It helps us know the laws with which we can protect ourselves. I am grateful for the committee. I like listening to the stories and issues of other compañeros, and think carefully about what I want to say. I can not read or write, but I like to feel supported by people who value our words and the work we do.”

2) Ronaldo, painter, Justice At Work client, member of the Global Injured Worker Committee:

“Before coming to the Brazilian Women’s Group and Justice At Work, I felt threatened by my former employer and co-workers. My own attorney seemed uninterested in investigating my case and more understanding of the other side. Now, I feel supported and I have an attorney who fully represents me. My health may never be the same, but I give thanks to God that Justice At Work has come into my life.”

3) Elvis Mendez, former coordinator of the Immigrant Worker Center Collaborative:

“Beyond just providing legal assistance, Justice at Work helps workers rediscover their strength: helping give folks the tools, support, and sense of purpose they need to recognize that they can make a difference. Justice at Work is a key ally in our work and a partner in the larger struggle to ensure that we all value the lives and the work of low wage immigrants.”

4) Telma Leitão, worker center staff member:

“The work provided by Justice at Work is extremely important for our center. Without this legal support, most of our cases would not have any chance for justice in the legal sphere. In addition to the legal support for each of the cases, Justice at Work also does staff training for worker centers. These trainings are essential for us to better support the workers in our community.”

5) Stacie Sobosik, worker’s comp attorney on Ronaldo’s case:

“The support of Justice At Work was crucial to establishing a true accounting of what really happened the day of the workplace injury. Justice At Work’s help locating witnesses and organizing technical support and resources to enable the co-workers to testify was what made the difference in both my office’s willingness to take on a complicated, lengthy and risky case, and, I believe, the ultimate outcome of the trial.”