Step 1: Film yourself dancing (in a group, in a pair, by yourself, whatever!)

At the start of the video, tell people what you’re doing, name three friends you nominate to take the challenge, and tell them what they have been challenged to do.

Sample Video Script:

“I’m taking the Justice at Work #DanceforJustice Challenge” [optional: give reason why you support Justice at Work.]

I nominate [name three people] to take the challenge. You need to film yourself dancing (alone or with a group) or else make a donation to Justice at Work. Then, nominate three other people to take the challenge!”

[optional: “And if you’re in the Boston area, come join us at Salsa for Justice on October 11th!”]

Step 2: Get others involved! Post your video on social media. See sample post below.

Twitter: @justice_work



I’m standing with workers in low-paying jobs and taking the #danceforjustice challenge.

I nominate [tag three friends] to take the challenge! Post a video of yourself dancing OR donate to @Justice at Work [link to our Facebook page] at Then, nominate three others to take the challenge! And if you’re in Boston, we’ll see you at Salsa for Justice on October 11.